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Why am I offering free coaching?

I’m not selling anything. (I don't actually have anything to sell at this point!) I'm just trying to find out what people need so I can build a site that helps solve real problems real people have. Zero commitment from you, though I hope you enjoy talking about healthy green stuff enough that you decide to stick around and become part of the HealthyGreenSavvy community.

How can I help you?

I’m a relentless researcher and green-living fanatic, as well as an educator. In addition to sharing uber-practical healthy green tips on my own blog, I’m a writer/researcher at, where I boil down lots of complex information on everything from carbon footprints to insulation so everyday people can find what they need to know more easily. My mission is to make greener choices easier for everyone.

Some examples of things we could chat about on our call:

*Green choices that will save you money

*Where to start if you want to shrink your footprint

*How to make your home more energy efficient

*How to grow some of your own food even if you’ve never grown anything before or don’t have a yard

*What's worth worrying about and what can you let go?

*How to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals

What obstacles do you want to overcome so you can create creating a healthier life for yourself and your family? What issues do you find too overwhelming to even begin to think about? Let's talk and see what small steps can get you started. Just enter your email above and reply to your confirmation email to let me know you'd like a coaching session. I'll get in touch to set up a time.

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